Mental Communication

This is direct communication with another person without the use of words or bodily gestures. Mental communication is what most people consider telepathy; they neglect other aspects, including mind-reading, impression, and control. Mind-to-mind communication occurs in ordinary ways in our everyday life. You might have mentally communicated with another person without paying attention to it. It is common sense that humans are always in touch with each other through mental communication in our everyday interactions.

Every day, we send and receive thoughts, feelings, messages, and information beyond the five physical senses, which are supposed to be the mediums of communication. Surely, you have heard someone say they are “in touch” with their loved ones. When people say this, it may seem as though they are merely saying it for no reason, but that isn’t the case. One can pick up on the thoughts, feelings, moods, and desires of a loved one regardless of distance and other factors. For instance, a mother can tell when her child hundreds of miles away is in some sort of danger.

How is this possible? Undoubtedly, it is possible to pick up on another’s internal state by reading their facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, etc., But the fact is that you also frequently communicate with others on extra- physical levels, i.e., beyond what is observable on the physical level. You are not yet attuned to the activity consciously.

Have you ever had someone in mind and then received a call from them shortly thereafter? How often do you enter a room and can immediately tell that someone in that room doesn’t like you? Mental communication manifests in different ways. Contrary to what you may think, your thoughts are tangible. They do have form, but not in a rigid way like things in the physical world. Thoughts can be perceived and transmitted beyond the physical senses.

Depending on your perception, thoughts can even assume shapes and colors. They are always moving, shifting, and changing in ways beyond ordinary understanding. However, the present state of the world has made it even harder to mentally communicate with others. In the modern world, we are disconnected from nature, addicted to technology, and our psyches are continually being bombarded with all sorts of marketing and information.

All of this makes it incredibly difficult to tune in with our extra physical senses to communicate with one another. It hinders our ability to connect and remain in touch with one another, intuitively and empathically. For indigenous people who have managed to preserve the structural integrity of their culture, mental communication and telepathy as a whole are a normal part of their daily experiences. As a result, those who choose to be shamans or psychics can develop these abilities to levels that may seem extraordinary.

The ability is enhanced and developed through one’s immersion in complementary spiritual practices. Like any other skill, it can be improved with practice and focus.