The growth of the sound therapy industry

Music is undergoing a sudden wellness transformation and Sound Therapy is what everyone is talking about.

More scientific studies on sound are gaining interest from mainstream medicine. The number of people that are reporting beneficial results after having had a sound therapy session continues to grow.  

Yoga teachers, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, voice teachers, musicians, to name a few, and even psychologists have started to incorporate sound therapy into their sessions.

The fact is that music is undergoing a sudden wellness transformation, and sound therapy is the wellness trend everyone is talking about. 

You will find sound therapy videos with millions of views on Youtube and an ever expanding market for sound therapy products, from crystal bowls to tuning forks, gongs , bells and more.

It’s even becoming popular within the digital music space, Icelandic band Sigur Ros have started offering sound baths. Nigel Stanford is a New Zealand composer, his video called Cymatics features audio visualized by science experiments 

The success of studios around the world, like New York City’s Woom Center. Los Angeles, The Soundbath Center, and LA Sound Healing. And at wellness destinations like the Four Seasons Resort Orlando and Miraval in Tucson, all points to a growing demand for sound therapy in the wellness industry. 

Sound healing is at the forefront of the wellness industry. The Institute of Conscious Evolution works to educate people about the effects of sound on the body and mind.

It is through sound that we feel like we connect to something greater and share an experience with others. Sound can inspire us, help us escape and disconnect, motivate us, relax us and, most importantly, it can help heal us. There is no woo woo. This is because as your brain perceives sound and as your body perceives vibration, it can trigger different chemicals in your system. 

Our goal with this platform is to provide a more scientific approach to understanding sound therapy and how it works. We continue to collect and synthesize research on the subject of sound and how it affects us, with the intention of making sound therapy more accessible to a larger audience. IOCE sound therapy certification offers everything you need to know to get you ready to start your sound therapy journey.